A place for many tastes

Shaughnessy Village is a thriving neighborhood where you’ll find everything that makes our downtown so vibrant: culture, history, communities from all walks of life, a bit of chaos and, above all, an incredible culinary diversity that’s unique to Montreal.

With over 80 restaurants within a perimeter of less than 1km2, Shoni is the perfect place to boldly try something new and take your taste buds on a journey! A true vector and meeting point for all kinds of traditions, Shoni invites you to explore your culinary curiosity. This summer, Shoni is where it’s really happening!

Discover the neighborhood

Although Shaughnessy Village was named in the early 20th century in honour of Thomas Shaughnessy, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the neighborhood has undergone profound demographic and cultural changes since its early daysas an upscale, middle-class, English-speaking area. Today, the Shaughnessy Village is a bustling neighborhood where residents, students and a diversity of cultures come together to create a uniquely international living environment.

What to do in Shoni?

Settle down at one of the neighborhood’s outdoor tables and benches to sip a bubble tea, sample delicious dishes from nearby restaurants or just wander around. What’s more, Shoni is a wonderful area to explore on foot. While making your way to your next culinary discovery, why not take the opportunity to admire the local murals? Nearly 10 artworks are waiting to be discovered.

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